Writing Resolve…

This is one of my favorite parts of writing: I’m at the middle of a novel and tensions between the characters are high. It’s the place where I have to brainstorm the second half of the book, but I still have a sense of accomplishment. It’s not as hard as the first half when you are still trying to figure out what the heck you want to say. I have enough plot development, characters doing crazy things, and plenty of drama. It’s this part of the book when the characters really become alive to me . . . and I let them carry the story until the end. Of course, the characters are alive way before the middle point . . . if not, I wouldn’t have much to say . . . but they’re alive to me.

Since most of these characters have been around for a couple of years in my mind, (and on paper), sometimes they are predictable…and I use some of that to move the story along in a way that makes sense. Sometimes they do crazy things that maybe I didn’t anticipate . . . because humans do that . . . and I use that to create the drama and plot twists. This is very exciting to me.

Speaking of which, I just have to say that writing (of any kind) can be really difficult. I have days when I can write for hours as ideas run smoothly through my mind and translate well onto the page. Other days, every sentence is difficult to pull out and it’s painful. I’m so relieved that I’m at the point in my book where it shouldn’t be as difficult to start the descent to the end – the picture that just popped into my head was one of reaching a mountain top. It feels great to make it, and then I look at the long way back down to land, which my finish line.

Encouraging point of the day: no matter how painful writing can be…keep at it. Either walk away from it for a week or two, or force yourself to sit and write just five sentences, or create a new, but relevant character. Even if you have to do a lot of editing later, the point is that you will have pushed beyond the parts that trip you up and the writer’s block, and find yourself with a beautiful piece of art.

Since today doesn’t seem to be as painful as previous days, I have to get back to writing  Resolve. I’ve got my journal of ideas next to me, music playing, and quiet…so, that’s my cue to get back to work!

Shout out to my incredibly supportive parents: Happy Birthday today, Dad! Happy (early) Mother’s Day, Mom!

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