Encouragement for Difficult Times

I have quoted Chris Tiegreen, author of At His Feet (a one year devotional) a couple of times before because it is the most challenging, but encouraging devotional that I have ever read. God has used this devotional to speak to me many, many times. I read one yesterday, knowing that I needed to pay attention to it; however, by the end of the day I forgot about it. I read it again this morning and told myself that I need to cling to this freeing truth. I think I referenced this quote about a year ago . . . and I believe that we could all use the reminder again.

Here’s my favorite part . . . it’s challenging, but gentle; convicting, but brings freedom and wonderful insight:

“Much of the Christian life is God stripping us of our self-effort so that He can live His life in us without our interference . . . When we find ourselves in circumstances that are beyond our control, frustrated from our lack of effectiveness, we can know with certainty that we are to realize our weakness and rely on His strength.”

Here’s the part that jumps out at me every single time:

“God often places us in situations in which we are in over our heads – even letting us fail miserably, sometimes – in order to teach us this . . . We are to be utterly dependent on the power of God that works in us and in our circumstances.”

I’m going through a situation like that now, so I really needed to read through this section again. I’ve gone through difficult situations in the past as well, and many of them carry this theme. Hmm . . . actually, they carry this message that God is obviously trying to get me to pay attention to it, apply it, and let it bring me freedom.

This world tells us that it’s shameful to have weaknesses, but God wants us to rejoice in them so that His power and glory can shine through us. It’s okay for us to not have it together all the time. It’s okay for us to struggle with our emotions as we battle various circumstances. No one handles life perfectly well at all times. We need to start accepting that we’re not perfect, no matter how much we strive for it, and that we don’t have all of the answers to our problems. But, God has both. He’s perfect, and He is the solution that we need for everything.

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