Random List

Today’s post is titled “Random List” because my brain just works this way at times. Usually it’s caused by my emotional state: I’m either overwhelmed, stressed, or excited. Or . . . I’ve had too many thoughts floating around my brain and I want to share them with anyone who is willing to “listen.”

1. My new favorite restaurant is: Libretto’s Pizzeria at the Town Center (Jacksonville). As a former New Yorker, it is the ONLY place that reminds me of my favorite places back home. The restaurant is tucked in an awkward spot, but the prices are decent. Their cannolis are the best I’ve ever had . . . ever. I need to try their other desserts. Also, I have yet to check out some of their other entrees, because I love the personal-sized Margherita pizza – I am obsessed with fresh mozzerella cheese. I will eat it whenever and wherever I can get it.

2. When I say that the place is in an awkward spot – it’s next to a maternity clothing store, Whiskey River, and a new place called Suite. After we had dinner at Libretto’s the other night, we drove by Suite to check it out. My jaw dropped at the site of the “greeters.” The men looked great in 3-piece suits, but I was disappointed to see the female greeters. This place seems more like an upscale version of Hooters. The girls wore tiny, strapless black outfits, that barely covered their behinds . . . or anything else. As if this area, or our country, needs any more of that. This place won’t stop us from going to Libretto’s, but you can be sure I won’t eat at Suite.

3. I am loving the new California Grilled Chicken Flatbread that’s on the Chili’s appetizer menu! Although, it’s more like a dinner for me . . . but it combines a lot of my favorite flavors. I’m willing to put up with a little bit of heartburn/acid reflux just to eat it.

4. Since I have acid reflux that is triggered by certain foods, I really try to cut those items out of my diet completely, but some are hard to avoid like garlic, onion, peppers, and especially tomatoes. It is hard being Italian, but at least I can eat dairy again. 🙂  I had a severe dairy allergy for 4 years, and God completely healed me from it. Apples are my favorite go-to food that helps calm it down. I also like to take Gaviscon – tastes like toothpaste, but works well.

5. I try to workout on a regular basis. I just want to say that my least favorite day is “leg day,” and I utterly despise lunges. I hated doing them when I was a cheerleader in high school, and still do. Except now I have to do them with dumbbells in my hands. I know it’s like one of the best leg workouts for your quads, but I still HATE them.

6. I love the summertime. I look forward to getting in some time at the beach or a pool soon. I also love the Fourth of July . . . I’m a huge fan of fireworks on the beach.

7. My husband and I are moving soon – hopefully somewhere really close to where we are now, or closer to his job. I don’t like it when apartment companies want to raise the rent on great tenants. I don’t like moving, either. I’ve had to do it too many times! I’m already tired just from thinking about it. We’re praying for miracles in this department.

8. It’s Wednesday! The weekend is almost here. I enjoy Wednesdays because that means Youth Group! I’ve been an adult leader for the Middle School girls since December. I love being part of it. I love the randomness, seeing them grow in their faith, and being able to mentor them in a positive way.

9. I miss soft-serve, fat-free Carvel Ice Cream . . . chocolate & vanilla twist.

10. On occasion, I like to create to-do lists so that I can cross off tasks . . . after I already completed them.

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