I thought it would be fun to give you guys the latest updates via numerically, sort of 😉

Two –  Paid off or settled 2 credit cards. That’s right, during our hardship, God has helped us take care of those cards. We have student loan debt, and a couple of other things, but we are slowly seeing progress! It feels wonderful.

Four – My husband and I had a small celebratory dinner for our 4th anniversary of being a couple. I can’t believe that we started dating four years ago . . . August 2009 feels like ages ago. I love him more every single day.

Six – 6 days until my family arrives! It’s their second trip to FL this year, and we are thrilled. I feel so blessed. Of course, I’d like to get up to NY soon to see my other relatives, but I’ll take any family time I can get. I am so excited for this weekend.

Eight – My husband had 8 days of motorcycle traffic training. He had to learn about the unit motorcycles, learn how to handle and pick up the 850 pound thing. He improved on the practice course every day. He worked many hours on those 8 horrendous days, but he did have some fun. He passed his written test, and had one of the best qualification times on the course. He has a winged pin to wear on his uniform, a certificate that we will frame, and he can be called for duty at any time. The motors unit recently hired a couple of guys, who already passed the course, so he would have to wait to get the full-time position. Hopefully it won’t take more than a year. The hours are so much better because they don’t have the rotating schedule! I don’t know if he would stay on that unit for the rest of his career, but he does need a break from the area of town he works in a.k.a. the ghetto.

Ten – I graduated from high school 10 years ago . . . My reunion was on August 10th, and I had to miss it. I was bummed out a little that day. There are so many people I wanted to catch up with, and to be back in NY for a short trip. Well, even if I still couldn’t have gone to the reunion, it would have been nice to actually have the resources to make the trip. So, if any of my readers went to our reunion, please share your experience! I’d love to hear about it.

Twelve – My deadline to finish Resolve. I need to have it finished so that it can go through the editing and formatting processes. I still plan to release the book in the Spring, but only by God’s grace and strength will it happen. I’m excited, though. I’ve loved working onResolve! I can’t wait until I get some feedback from my support group on this one.

Fourteen – I wrote a post about my sister turning 14 back in May. I cannot believe that she starts high school (the same school I went to) in just a few short weeks. I’m so proud of her, and I know that she will do well. I can’t believe that my baby sister, who I held in my arms when she was just a few hours old, when I was 14. Now she’s 14 and starting high school too. It’s great, but a little weird lol. I don’t always like to be reminded that I’m getting older. I was upset that I missed her middle school graduation, but I will do whatever it takes to be there for her high school graduation. Before I moved to FL, I promised her that I would buy her prom dress. I fully intend on keeping my promise.

Oh, and here’s one last thing . . . hopefully by the end of the week, Rage, the e-book should be available. Please visit this page often this week, or check out my author’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/authorangelasheffield for updates!

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