2012 and 2013 were difficult for me and many others. I was blessed to reread this post. As we head into 2014, let’s have a better perspective.

May 2012:

“Circumstances” seems to be the word of the year, or the past few years.  Whether it’s financial, health, relationships, etc… many seem to be struggling with some type of horrible circumstance.  Well, it’s just awesome how God speaks to us when I ask Him to. I picked up my devotion today and here’s what struck me:  “Life is full of circumstances that are terrifying at first glance and can consume us with worries about the future.  Financial crises, health crises, spiritual dilemmas, emotional needs, and any other vision that threatens us in a storm cause us much stress… Though our initial reaction may be panic, in reality Jesus may be coming to us with a crisis that heals, strengthens, encourages, or guides. To us, they are threatening. To God, they are often the very means to develop us as His disciples. They may bear eternal fruit that our terrified eyes cannot at first see.”

Then I just opened my Bible and flipped a few pages.  I stumbled across Isaiah 106:40-42 (NKJV).  Now, the Scripture didn’t make too much sense to me until I read the side note by it.   The note says: “Troubles – God allowed trouble to come to the Israelites to help them. Our troubles can be helpful because they (1) humble us, (2) pull us from the allurements of the world and drive us back to God, (3) quicken our prayers, (4) allow us to experience more of God’s faithfulness, (5) make us more dependent upon God, (6) encourage us to submit to God’s purpose for our life, and (7) make us more compassionate to others in trouble.”

It’s amazes me how God used this note to answer my prayer.  My prayer for you is that no matter what circumstance you are dealing with, that you will see God’s hand over you.  I pray that one of the notes above will remind you of the potential “why” to your circumstance and you will be able to lift your eyes up to God. Remember, His word never fails. He will not let us drown. He loves us that much.

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