Are you kidding me?! I still cannot get over the outrage.

July 2012:

My husband sent me a link to an article, to a police website that he likes to read, about a shooting in Pennsylvania where a 2 year old was shot in front of approximately 200 people after a neighborhood block party got out of control. The police hit a wall with trying to get people to cooperate. They have a system in place to allow anonymous tips…and NO ONE will come forward. Not only that, but the mother of the toddler hadn’t bothered to do anything. When the shots were fired, she ran into the house WITHOUT looking for her daughter, as the mother claimed she thought the noise was fireworks. None of the facts added up. The mother did not do a thing to help her daughter. The police are fed up with the mother, the witnesses, and the whole community. The comments under the article are mostly posted by other police officers. Most of the comments were calling the situation as shameful.

My favorite comment was by one person who suggested they try something on 9/11: no police or firefighters or EMTs would work that day. When people call 9-1-1, no one would respond. Then maybe everyone would appreciate what these men and women do everyday. It’s obviously ridiculous, but I completely agree with the idea.

As I processed what I read, I had a few thoughts: “How could 200 people view a shooting, and a baby is in critical condition, and want to ignore it?!” and “What’s wrong with that mother? I’m sorry, but fireworks don’t sound like gunshots. If she was my daughter, you can be darn sure I would have her in my sights during a crazy party – well, I probably wouldn’t be there to begin with – but she runs inside to hide and doesn’t take her daughter with her?  What?! How selfish are you?”  I’d be knocking down doors or whatever the police needed me to do to help find my daughter’s shooter. I know I’m not a mom, but come on!  What happened to common sense?

It kills me sometimes…the couples that try so hard to have children, and would be wonderful parents, and they have a lot of trouble conceiving or adopting. Then you have other people who have kids and neglect them, abuse them, abandon them, and don’t care for them.

Okay, I’ll get off my little soap box. God help us.

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