Our pastor preached on this theme last year called: Believe.

He just said a few things that spoke volumes to me, and hopefully they will for you.

– “The power of faith isn’t found in faith itself but in the object in which we place our faith.” – I think he quoted someone else here, but I don’t remember. I think this means that we don’t have to worry about having bucket loads of faith as long as we place our faith, even the size of a mustard seed, in Jesus. He’s the one who is faithful, not anything or anyone else.

– “God lets other people fail us so we never put our faith in men.”  Even though this sounds depressing and disappointing, I love it. I learned this concept not too long ago.  I’m so glad our pastor reminded me (us) of it. We get mad when people disappoint us because it hurts our trust in them, or they indirectly hurt us.  I used to be so bothered by it, but I don’t feel this way anymore.  I’m so glad God has allowed people to disappoint me because God is the one who I need to put my faith in, and it lets everyone else off the hook.

Some people may be disappointed in something that God has allowed to happen.  I could be disappointed in Him right now, but I’m not.  My life doesn’t make total sense, but I’m glad because I know I’m in the center of His will.  God has been speaking to me and He’s guiding me.  That’s what matters.

Sometimes people disappoint us with their opinions.  I do believe everyone has a right to their opinion; however, not every opinion needs to be announced . . . especially those opinions that drag other people down.  You know the types of opinions that I’m talking about: ones that are negative, critical, and judgmental. Ones that don’t come a heart motivated by love. We humans sometimes make mistakes and others we’re wrong.

I also know that we have an enemy who is intend on destroying us. He sometimes uses other people to bring us down, or uses them to try to stop us from pursuing our God-given passions. For example, many of you know about the calling the Lord has placed over my life. People have opinions as to how I should go about it, or what my future is going to look like; but, no one knows my future, except for God.

If someone says something to you and you’re not sure whether it’s valid, ask God!  He’ll either confirm it or not. If He doesn’t confirm it, then let that opinion go.  We have to stop letting other’s opinions motivate our decisions. We need to let our passion for Jesus be our motivation for decision-making in every area of our lives. If we do so, we won’t be disappointed.

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