Discovering Peace

I recently began reading the book 21 Ways to Finding Peace and Happiness by Joyce Meyer. I’ve enjoyed it so far, and if you need more peace in your life, please buy it.

She shares some wisdom that is already making a difference in my life, and I felt the need to share them with you guys today:

“God’s way is one of being decisive. We are not to make decisions so quickly that we don’t give them proper thought and prayer. We should seek wisdom and be sure we are following peace. But once we have done all we can do to assure we are making a right decision, as far as we know, there is nothing else to do except be courageous and do something, lest we do nothing.” – I am working on this, and I’ve already seen how God is guiding me along. It’s awesome.

“A person who needs to have everything all figured out will not be courageous . . . People who do bold things step out in faith even though they have no real proof they will even work.” (emphasis mine.)

One of my pet-peeves is the lack of commitment in our society. Unless I’m sick, I try really hard to keep up my commitments, and I always let someone know if I have to cancel or reschedule. It’s not a difficult concept, yet people do it over and over. We will have less stress if we make an effort to commit – it blesses others around us, and ourselves.

“Most people don’t think anything at all about saying they will do a thing and then changing their minds without any good reason, except they did not feel like doing what they said they would do . . . The very least we can do when we have made a commitment and cannot or will not keep it is to make a phone call and say so. Don’t just leave people hanging, not having any idea what happened . . . Don’t make commitments rashly without giving thought to whether or not you are prepared to follow through.”

“When we keep our word, even if it is inconvenient for us to do so, it shows good character . . . One of the ways to maintain peace with God, with yourself, and your fellow man is to do what you say you will do.”

Finally: “Just about the time we make a decision to do the right thing, someone will come along and try to convince us to compromise. We have to stand firm on what we believe is right for us.” I’m going to paraphrase this next bit: Don’t be so focused on impressing Jesus, instead, be more focused on seeking Him.

Enjoy some peace this weekend!

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