Active Surrender

I have to report that life changes every time I surrender my worries and plans to God. I still need to make sure that I dethrone myself on a regular basis, but God is moving.

 I’m so glad that God is involved in the details of my life because I can’t keep track of everything. He’s allowed me to have divine appointments with others that will open doors in the future. It’s just awesome.

I also “stumbled” across Scripture that confirms how God works when we surrender: in 2 Kings Chapter 19, King Hezekiah had sought God on delivering Judah from the king of Assyria. God heard him, and promised him (through the prophet Isaiah) that He’d take care of it. King Hezekiah didn’t try to figure out how God was going to do it –granted, the note in my Bible says that he had a problem with not planning in advance, but this time it turned out to be okay because He surrendered the outcome to God. This is how God responded:  “And it came to pass on a certain night that the angel of the Lord went out, and killed in the camp of the Assyrians one hundred and eighty-five thousand; and when people arose early in the morning, there were the corpses–all dead.” 2 Kings 19:35 (NKJV).

 I hope that I never walk outside anywhere and find 185,000 dead people. But, it encourages me in the sense that I do face battles that seem to be quite monstrous. I can’t figure it all out. God prefers that I don’t. When I surrender, and dethrone myself, God is faithful to respond. I’ve given him the reins, and I’m not trying to control the outcome. The Scripture may seem like a stretch for analytical purposes, but it is a great reminder to me: God takes care of us even when we’re asleep.

 Then someone on Facebook posted a Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. quote and I had to share it: “Faith is taking the first step, even when you don’t see the whole staircase.” I’m not sure what he was referencing, but God used it to remind me of something He said a few months ago: That right now, I’m walking in the dark. I can’t see the top of the staircase, but to trust God deeply and He will bring me to the top. Wow. Of course, I wish I mentioned this when it happened so the impact would be greater, but that’s okay. I’m in awe that God is gently reminding me that He’s the one guiding me up those stairs that I can’t see at all.

 There’s this prayer that was in a book I used to read all the time as a kid, it’s called “My Little Book of Prayers” and it goes like this: “Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray Thee, Lord, thy child to keep; Thy love go with me all the night, and wake me with the morning light.”

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