God’s Will

I read something in my devotion this morning that gave me new insight, and I believe that one of you needs to be reminded of God’s awesomeness/power (well, I also need to include myself!):

“When Jesus instructed His disciples to pray that God’s will be done, He never intended it as the feeble resignation to some mysterious will that we can’t quite comprehend…” As we know we often say, “Well, I think it’s God’s will, but I don’t know.” (In Matthew 6:10, He gives the instructions.)

“No, when we say ‘Thy will be done,’ it is to be an assault on the gates of hell. It is an offensive march against the evil of this world. There is nothing defensive or ambiguous about it. It calls for God to make His kingdom manifest in this enemy territory, taking ground that the adversary has stolen. It is specific and assertive, a battle cry against everything that is not His will. It is war.” (emphasis mine.)

“We are right to be suspicious of our on wills and defer to the Father’s. But while this request is appropriate . . . it is much more . . . We are also saying ‘not my will,’ we are also saying ‘not the enemy’s will.'”

We need all the help we can get when it comes to the battlefield. Let’s keep using the tools that Jesus has given us to do so. We do not need to be afraid, anxious, or discouraged – yet, we are often because we don’t pray for more victory, or for Jesus to rescue us. There is POWER in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

Thank you, Lord, for revealing yet something I’ve known, but giving it to me in a real way. I hope this brings peace and encouragement to you guys today!

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