I am not a fan of waiting, but over the years I’ve learned that patience is really so important; and peace. If you are always rushing around, in a hurry, or impatient, they can rob you of peace.

In this world of chaos that we live in, it’s hard to remain calm for a day. Heck, even for an hour. I’m almost finished with Joyce Meyer’s book, and I know there are certain areas in my life that will be a process. I’m grateful that God has encouraged me by allowing me to recognize changes in myself, even if they are slight ones.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of negative situations, well, mainly one which has quite a few complications. I am trusting God to repair the ruins of what happened, and for Him to restore my reputation and remove the deception some people are in so they may see the truth in me. The enemy is working overtime to ruin my peace, especially because several individuals are acting so hateful! I am trying my best to stay calm and let God fight the battle for me. It has been one of the toughest situations that I’ve faced in a long time. God is awesome and I know He will work everything out in His timing, not everyone else’s, and it will be better than anything I could have thought off.

As you may have heard, Resolve is not ready for publication right now like I had planned it would be for the past year. I am really not happy with this delay (although I have to be happy that God allowed for me to finish it so quickly). Since a lot of what I need to do relies on others, who work full-time, I know that they are doing the best they can to help me out. I just have to be patient . . . wait, let me clarify: I am not impatient with the people helping me. I am impatient that God is allowing this process to move so slowly. I also hate the fact that my sales have dropped off. I really appreciate everyone who has read or recommended my book to someone else. Word of mouth is my favorite form of business/sales. Thank you so much! You are helping to get my story out there. It is the highest complement I could ever receive.

I know God is faithful, no matter how I feel or what I see in the natural realm. I think many of us wish that God’s timing was ours. HAHA. Nope. Sometimes He lets things fall into our laps, but the delays that He allows are always purposeful. Whether they be to teach patience, avoid a mistake or downfall, or to pull us through obstacles that we never noticed. He likes to remind me of this lesson while I’m driving. I can’t stand slow traffic, especially if I am running late (which is not often). Or traffic may be fine but I am running late because of a delay at the house. For example, I had an appointment yesterday morning and I did my best to stick to my schedule so I would not be late. Right before I walked out, there was a plumbing emergency (which He and my husband via the phone helped me to fix it). I tried my best to remain calm and deal with the situation. I also knew that if God allowed the delay, He had a reason or two. One was definitely to remain calm. The second one was most likely a situation on the road. Often times when I am delayed leaving the house, I either witness or hear about an accident on my route. I know that someone could have hit me or otherwise be involved in the accident. This time I did not know of anything like that, but I did not need the proof. I knew God had a reason to allow the delay. I didn’t worry about it, and I was late to the meeting, but God worked it out that my delay didn’t upset anyone else’s schedule. So cool!

I know that this journey to keeping and maintaining peace may be quite a journey for me. In the meantime, I will continue to seek being patient with myself and with God. I am also working on another project which will allow for me to be productive in the midst of the delay.

Side note: the very moment I know of the release date, I will immediately share the information. I am hoping that I can do so next month. Thank you for your patience!


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