I don’t appreciate obstacles. I know that they can be good for me because they develop character and blah, blah, blah. However, they grate on my nerves sometimes. I am not a fan of waiting for things that weigh heavily on my heart, especially my dreams.

I have run into a lot of obstacles with my books/author career. I promise that if everything was up to me, you would have had my second novel in your hand four months ago, and I’d be moving along in selling thousands of copies for both books. I’d also have a lot of pages written for the final installment of the trilogy, ready to be released in 8 months.

Now, while things are progressing, they’re just not up to my speed. I had a great meeting today with some people who are interested in helping me get my book into the hands of more teenagers. It went very well, and I hope to have more meetings in the future like the one I had today. It is very encouraging to talk with people who share similar ideas and believe in the message of my book.

Then as I was searching my Bible for a Scripture to send encouragement to someone else, I stumbled across a note that I had highlighted a long time ago (based upon Exodus 13:17-18): “Obstacles: God doesn’t always work in the way that seems best to us. Instead of guiding the Israelites along the direct route from Egypt to the Promised Land, he took them by a longer route to avoid fighting with the Philistines. If God does not lead you along the shortest path yo your goal, don’t complain or resist. Follow him willingly and trust him to lead you safely around unseen obstacles. He can see the end of your journey from the beginning, and he knows the safest and best route.”

So, I am wrong every single time I complain about the slow progress of book publishing and sales. While time delays are a giant obstacle in my mind, who knows the even larger obstacles God is leading me away from! They’re probably big ones due to everything I’ve gone through so far. Nothing is what I thought it would be, and yes, I always anticipate going the shortest routes to my goals of being successful (and getting out of debt). I just assume that once a door opens for you, everything will be problem-free. Kind of a silly notion, huh?

I mean, even having a baby is a long process, and I’m glad! It gives the parents time to prepare for the little one and the new season in their lives. I’m grateful that I don’t have too many obstacles right now, but small ones pop up all the time. For example, when I had morning sickness, or my super sensitivity to smells, the fatigue, the joint pain and body aches . . . I cannot do everything like I used to and it can be frustrating. And, as excited as I am to meet the baby, I’m glad that I have more time to prepare our home, our schedules, and mentally prepare for the huge change.

I need to maintain the positive perspective that everything is happening the way it is supposed to and things will probably be much better when the right timing happens: God’s timing. I know that when His timing comes, I’ll be so grateful and relieved that none of it happened sooner than it was supposed to.

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