Hello, August

In the blink of an eye, July came and went. It was a very busy month for me between doctor’s appointments, wrapping up school details to go on “maternity leave,” moving, and writing.

Now that we are settled into our new place, which was a gift from God, I can get back to work. This place is closer to my husband’s job, and is double the size – so there is room for the baby – and costs us less than what we were paying for a one bedroom. We also do not pay for utilities and we receive a monthly credit for a portion of our electric bill. We know it was God because of the way everything worked out, how smoothly the whole process went, and we were not planning to move at all prior to hearing about this place. It’s funny how He can work like that sometimes.

Anyway, I am happy to report that my editor has a huge chunk of my manuscript. There is just a little bit left for my husband to edit and then we’ll send her the rest of it. Once she has completed it, then I’ll get it back to make all of the corrections and submit it for a printed proof. We are getting closer to publication, and I am trying so hard to be patient. Please stand with me in prayer about the timing of Resolve’s release, as we hope for the book to be complete and ready for distribution before our son arrives!

I completed the rough draft for the nonfiction book that will be a guide or supplement or devotion, or whatever you’d like to consider it, to the trilogy. It feels great to have another work completed even though I need to edit, edit, and edit! I do need to take a break from working on it so that I may come up with the best version possible. It’s always good to leave your writing, wherever possible, for some time in order to return to it with fresh eyes.

While I do that, I will move on to drafting ideas for the final installment: Redeem. I am pretty excited, and I cannot wait to see where my characters take me this time. I have a couple of scenes written out and a few plot lines in mind. It’s time to put some of these ideas to the test and see what could work, and what doesn’t. I want to take advantage of the time I have now to be creative. I had the same opportunity when I wrote Rage and Resolve, so I’m doing it again. If I can finish the book before the baby comes, that would be a huge blessing. The editing process is a long and difficult one, but much easier to manage when you have other things going on like jobs and family life.

Of course, I still have that ghost writing project that I told many of you about. We’ve had a short setback as we’ve had to review formatting issues, but I’ll soon be submerged into that story too. I have a lot of work to do over the next few months, and I am praying for guidance, wisdom, creativity, and focus!

PS. At some point, I will be adding some features to my website and the overall design will eventually change to promote Resolve. This may take some time, so please be patient and know that changes are coming soon.

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