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It is with a heavy heart that I must now share this news. My 15 year old sister, Gabriella, was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma, bone cancer, in the fall of 2014. She had three rounds of chemo before the end of the year. With each round, it made her sick and after a few days home, she had to return to the hospital because of a fever (due to zero white blood cells). The tumor was in her tibia bone, which the dr removed in mid January; and to prevent the cancer from spreading, they had to do a full knee replacement. Her brace keeps her leg locked, she’s worn it for 3 weeks and has 3 to go. The drs ran some tests and it turns out that the cancer is metastatic meaning that it’s aggressive and can spread. She has some spots in her lungs and they don’t know if they are cancerous or not, but to be safe, she’s scheduled for surgery in mid March. Dr will remove any spots they find, and if it’s not cancer, then they don’t have to do surgery on the other lung. Instead of being almost finished with chemo, she has a month-long round in March and will continue to have many more through August. My parents have been trying to work, and switch off to take care of her full time. She’s been very ill with the new rounds. She hasn’t been in school since October, but her teachers are doing everything they can to tutor and help her pass. My family has started this fundraiser for her and my parents.The fundraiser is for all of the expenses that aren’t covered by insurance, some of those details are posted on the fundraiser site, Please pray for her and our family. Any amount will help. Thank you! I will post updates when I can.


I know that many kids are battling cancer and it just breaks my heart. I know that many people create fundraisers to help pay for the costs of this fight. My parents would not ever ask for help, so that’s why our family has come together to do it for them. If you aren’t comfortable in donating, I completely understand. Please pray for her, which she needs more of anyway! Help us get the word out.

I know that many of you are surprised because I haven’t said anything about it to too many people. It’s just too hard for me to talk about and process; but, her needs come first! I love my sister so much, and I’d do anything for her. I’m praying for a miraculous healing!

Here’s the link:

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