Women’s March 2017

I’m glad that women are standing up for themselves. But I have a few questions:

Where’s the same outrage over places like Hooters or Twin Peaks?

Where’s the same outrage over strip clubs?

Wait, you may argue well those women CHOOSE to subject themselves to men’s lewd, objective, disgusting comments, groping, staring, lap dances, etc. But why should these jobs even be an option for women to provide for themselves? Are you kidding me?

If you’re that outraged over Trump’s words and behaviors, why do we allow these businesses that earn MILLIONS of dollars to exist . . . solely to glorify the objectification of women’s bodies?

Where’s the same outrage over SEX SLAVERY and TRAFFICKING?

Where’s the same outrage and protest over RAPE?

If we were truly fighting for ALL of women’s rights . . .  Why do we accuse RAPE VICTIMS of some sort of ridiculous wrongdoing? Rape Myths shouldn’t even exist at this point.

If we’re protesting offensive comments, attitudes, and behaviors toward women, where are you when we hear of women being attacked outside of shopping malls or public parks? Where are the masses during criminal trials? Where are the masses when these men go to prison?

One of my friends was attacked and brutally raped. The man who violently assaulted her nearly MURDERED her. He was charged with ATTEMPTED FELONY MURDER. Where were the protesters then? Her family and close friends and I BEGGED for support . . . Do you want to know that some people had the NERVE to say they had to work or were simply TOO BUSY?!

A few showed up to support her, but we were SHOCKED by how little people showed they cared. And you know what the worst part is . . . most of these WOMEN GOSSIPED about her . . . they asked what was my friend doing at that time of night, why was she alone, etc. WHERE is the sense in that?! Where’s the outrage?!

I’ve been asked the same questions . . . why this and why that . . . but the questions are never first about THE MAN and WHAT HE DID WRONG! And, the FEMALE prosecutor did not take my case because she didn’t want to believe me. She believed I asked for it because she couldn’t comprehend how he overpowered me. So, my ex got away with what he did to me . . . Yes, my ex got away with RAPE.

Why aren’t more women reading and sharing my novel about my RAPE story? Why aren’t women threatening to blow up the house where my ex lives? (not that I advocate violence in any way, I’m just making a point here.)

Why did my friend and I LOSE friends and LOSE support, (especially since I published my book)? Yet you want to scream and protest and holler about women oppression?

Now I’m outraged . . . outraged at the hypocrisy, outraged at how women tear each other down, gossip, judge each other, etc. We need to fight for our rights, sure. But doesn’t it make more sense to FIX how we treat our own gender too? To support every woman who reports sexual assault? To lock arms with those suffering from Rape Trauma Syndrome, Battered Women’s Syndrome, or PTSD?

Of course, I have to acknowledge all the women and men out there who are in the trenches fighting for women’s rights in these areas . . . going to 3rd world countries to rescue sex slaves, fighting for better sex crime legislation, the #NoMore campaign, etc . . . but it distresses me how we do not have enough support on these important issues.




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